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Cleaning Services / Dirty Windows
« Last post by Robbie Rogers on September 21, 2018, 11:53:38 PM »
Hi guys, I am living in Toronto and I just renovated my house. Everything is perfect now, except for one thing and it’s driving me crazy! Most of the windows are full of dirt and streaks. Already tried usual cleaning stuff but most of the dirt is hard to reach and the streaks are still there. Even wasted some bucks on a  from online. So I just want my windows clean as soon as possible. When I asked about it to people everybody is advising to consult a professional cleaning service. And then I came across commercial cleaners firm in Toronto. Those guys seem to be really good. But before spending more I just want to know here from you. If any of you have any experiences, please share it
Additions & Remodels / Remodeling & Renovation
« Last post by Victor Fiore on March 12, 2018, 12:25:26 PM »
Home Improvement Contractor with the New Jersey Division
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Home Building / Re: Hire contractor or installation team?
« Last post by MelBrandle on October 02, 2017, 01:33:44 AM »
I would suggest that you consult the builder who is currently working n your home to see how he can incorporate it to the rest of the remodel. If you're going to use the guy, likely you'll be able to weasel a discount out of him for the amount of work that he's doing for you too if you're lucky!
Remodeling / Re: Planning on Home Remodeling
« Last post by MelBrandle on July 18, 2017, 02:45:09 AM »
I thin that you should start looking at some ideas online - Pinterest of just browsing some architecture magazines. Start looking for ideas for storage so that you can get all your stuff organized, especially if you have a hobby that requires a specialised space. An interior designer should be able to help with this.
Windows and Doors / Re: Recommendations for thick heavy door
« Last post by MelBrandle on July 15, 2017, 03:05:17 AM »
Not actual advice, but I know of a friend who managed to procure an antique vault door and used that as the gateway to his abode. I doubt that you'd want something similar since you're looking at glass, but to be honest, I think it's hard to pair glass with those two characteristics.
Remodeling / Re: Remodeling my house
« Last post by MelBrandle on July 15, 2017, 02:34:18 AM »
Art is a very complex concept on its own and it is a notion that not everyone understands. We can appreciate it but that does not simply mean we would get to understand it. Some displays of art are deemed as nothing out of the ordinary by laymen, but could be perceived as masterpieces by art enthusiasts. There is a fine margin that we can never truly cross.
Cabinets / Re: Spacious Kitchen Cabinets
« Last post by MelBrandle on June 22, 2017, 10:00:38 AM »
Way to go to resurrect a thread - but I think the easiest answer to the question here is to hire a professional to help you plan your storage space out so that it fits what you have in the kitchen. You're going to want to make sure the measurements of your storage cabinets are enough for packing appliances away and the right size to git in the white goods too.
Cabinets / Re: Storage Cabinets Design Photos
« Last post by MelBrandle on June 17, 2017, 10:46:46 PM »
With a storage solution like this, you won't really need to worry about clearing storage space in your bookcase anymore! Unless of  course you already own a library of your own… These days there are so few people who are truly interested in hard copy reading anymore! But in that case you had better make sure you plan your storage well so that you'll have just enough room for all your books!
Commercial Building / Re: Condo construction.. Advice please
« Last post by MelBrandle on May 25, 2017, 10:34:17 PM »
I personally think that you need something a bit more robust for the floor of a garage. At the end of the day if you guys are going to manage your condo, you're going to have to consider maintenance later on so dabble at your own risk! Just make sure you keep some material in storage for any future repair or touch up work.
Home Building / Re: Where do you buy your home building supplies?
« Last post by MelBrandle on May 15, 2017, 03:21:42 AM »
I think most of supplies and materials in storage come from suppliers that I have built relationships with over the years. I buy from big box shops only when I'm in desperate need to make an order and the suppliers can't make the deliveries in time.
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