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Author Topic: Remodeling my house  (Read 1311 times)

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Remodeling my house
« on: September 22, 2016, 11:15:32 PM »
Last month me and my wife shifted to our  new home. The house is really haunting. I think  it’s a barn conversion. I felt a negative energy at the very minute I entered the house . It’s completely dark, interiors are horrible and there is a graveyard nearby.This house gives me a strange uncomfortable feeling.   The decorations in the roof  are really scary and the windows resembles to  those of a prison.One of our neighbours claims that he had heard loud screamings from the house during  the midnight  but I’m not superstitious to believe all those stupid stuff. The house was unoccupied for years and I think this makes it scary and the interior as well as exterior designs are weird.  I’ve an engineering degree and I think the problem can be solved by doing a renovation and I’ve researched regarding this and found a blog related to this. I believe I can change this negative energy persisting at my home. What do you guys think? Is there any supernatural powers existing?Have you ever gone through such a situation?
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Re: Remodeling my house
« Reply #1 on: July 15, 2017, 02:34:18 AM »
Art is a very complex concept on its own and it is a notion that not everyone understands. We can appreciate it but that does not simply mean we would get to understand it. Some displays of art are deemed as nothing out of the ordinary by laymen, but could be perceived as masterpieces by art enthusiasts. There is a fine margin that we can never truly cross.